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Product Highlights

Remarkably lightweight, mobile, and comfortable:

  1. Extremely thin and flexible waistbelt and leg loops with WIREFRAME Technology: HMPE (high-modulus polyethene) strands used in the waistbelt and leg loops provide optimal load distribution without the use of foam and the extreme lightness and comfort of the harness make it practically unnoticeable when worn
  2. Very compact, freeing up room in your pack
  3. The elasticized fixed leg loops and supple leg loop bridge give you total freedom of movement
  4. Waistbelt equipped with a DOUBLE BACK HD buckle in forged aluminium, offering good grip and fluid glide of the webbing for easy and quick adjustment

Capacity to carry a large quantity of gear:

  1. Two very large, rigid equipment loops in front for racking a lot of gear and to easily clip and unclip tools; mobile separators optimize organization and quick access to quickdraws, nuts, and other gear
  2. Two flexible rear gear loops, angled to bring gear to the front and comfortable when carrying a backpack
  3. Two slots for CARITOOL tool holder
  4. Rear loop for trail line or for carrying belay station gear

Enhanced durability:

  1. Bonded construction in the waistbelt avoids pressure points and provides optimal wear resistance
  2. The lack of through stitching eliminates chafe and friction zones in the waistbelt
    Durable, abrasion-resistant exterior fabric
  3. Reinforced tie-in points in high-modulus polyethene (HMPE) for improved resistance to wear from rope friction

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Product Description

Petzl Sitta

The Petzl Sitta is lightweight without compromising comfort. It’s also very compact when stored in your backpack. The Sitta has an extremely thin and flexible waistbelt that keeps your movement completely unhindered, whether you’re rock climbing or mountaineering. The Sitta Four gear loops allow you to carry all the gear you need to climb rock or ice. With this harness, you can power through multi-day excursions. The reinforced tie-in points are designed to provide long-lasting resistance to rope friction.

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