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Product Highlights

  1. Downturned toe profile with an injection-moulded plastic concave midsole reduces dead space under toes and maintains a downturned shape for continuous performance
  2.  Shoes are stiff and highly cambered
  3.  An asymmetric lacing system provides a secure, customizable fit for precise footwork
  4.  Knuckle Box technology gives the ideal amount of space above toe knuckles to curl in a powerful position in comfort
  5.  2-part split soles with tensioned rubber arch allow the front and back parts of the foot to work independently for manoeuvrability and responsiveness
  6.  Anatomically engineered heel fit with plenty of rubber allows powerful heel hooking in comfort
  7.  Split tongues provide maximum comfort and make the shoes easy to get on and off
  8.  For a higher-volume fit with the same performance, try the Shaman Lace shoes

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Product Description

Evolv Shaman Lace LV

The Evolv Shaman Lace LV was designed for the climber that has one thing in mind: edging power. The structure of the vegan synthetic upper and stiff heel rand forces your toes forward into a power position creating a shoe that begs you to stand on small features on a steep face.

The love bump midsole places your toes into a crimped power position, while the knuckle box provides room, so you do not smash your toes against the top of the toe rand, these two features work in parallel to eliminate dead space under your toes and creates a comfortable and powerful sensation out of the box. The asymmetric lacing system provides a custom fit for a wide variety of foot shapes.


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