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Product Highlights

The REVO has no method of over-riding the locking mechanism, during belaying, or when lowering a climber.

  1. Bi-directional: the locking function works regardless of the rope direction.
  2. Intuitive belaying method, which requires no changes to standard belaying technique.
  3. No need for a specific locking karabiner.

All of these USP’s contribute to making the REVO the safest belay device available.

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Product Description

Wild Country Revo

The Wild Country Revo Belay Device is the first ever bi-directional assisted locking belay device with an intuitive design meant for novice and expert climbers alike. This Belay Device is the only assisted braking system where the locking is independent of the user. Regardless of the situation, the belay device will always function and protect the climber from a fall. Combine this with an intuitive belay plate design that is smoother and can be completely managed without ever taking hands off the rope, and you have the safest belay device on the market.

REVO – The foolproof belay device

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