Ophir 3 Slide Men’s

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Product Highlights

  1. Three Slide Bloc buckles
  2. Split Webbing technology
  3. Adjustable leg loops
  4. Drop seat buckle
  5. Four gear loops
  6. High-strength haul loop
  7. Tie-in protector

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Product Description

Ophir 3 Slide Men’s

The Mammut Men’s Ophir 3 Slide Harness might seem simple due to its inexpensive price. But it’s actually highly innovative to keep you comfy whether you’re climbing rock or ice. Split Webbing technology separates the webbing into two strands that ride over and under your hips. In order to reduce weight, increase ventilation, and decrease the necessity of padding without hindering your comfort or safety. Three Slide Block buckles offer a securely ideal fit. And adjustable leg loops let you put the harness on or off with crampons on.

Mammut also equipped this harness with four gear loops for convenient organizations, a tie-in protector for excellent longevity, a Drop Seat buckle for bathroom breaks on big walls, and a high-strength haul loop for bringing heavy loads up long routes. All these features only add up to less than a pound, to keep your harness light and your psyche level high.

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Harness weight

Waist belt

Leg loops

Gear loops

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