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Product Highlights

  1. Provides you with optimum feedback through every movement and offers amazing precision on all types of difficult-to-use footholds
  2. Bellows tongue features the latest generation of fabrics for maximum breathability
  3. Patented Draxtor Velcro closure system allows optimal adjustment over different parts of the shoe
  4. The angle of the toe-box and aggressively curved shape allow the heel to sit lower providing a greater feel and control
  5. SXR Dynamics increases the dynamic response of the shoe improving its ability to adapt to different rock shapes
  6. RBRX balances the performance of the shoe to give it a greater range of response and better performance across all situations

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Product Description

Oasi LV

The Tenaya Oasi is the most aggressive climbing shoe. The Oasi LV Climbing Shoe maintains the same aggressive performance as the original, except Tenaya, sized it with a lower volume for climbers with narrower feet. Unlike most aggressive climbing shoes, the Oasi LV downturn stays downturned thanks to that blue strap that connects the heel to the arch. Also unique to the Oasi is the dual-strapped hook-and-loop closure that can adjust in length to accommodate wider or narrower feet.

What that means for you is that you can expect a solid fit regardless of your foot’s shape. The dual-layer midsole keeps this shoe stiff. So you can find the pressure you need on the dime-sized edges that make overhung climbs so challenging. A shoe this great deserves bomber rubber. And Tenaya relied on Vibram’s XS Grip to ensure the tacky traction you need for climbing your hardest.

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