HotForge Hybrid 12 cm 6 Pack

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Product Highlights

  1. New HotForge on top and redesigned HotWire wiregate on the bottom
  2. Coloured bottom HotWire carabiner for a visual target while climbing
  3. Snag-free keylock top carabiner for easy bolt clipping
  4. Equipped with an 18 mm Polyester Dogbone with Straitjacket

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Product Description

HotForge Hybrid Quickdraw

The Black Diamond HotForge Hybrid comes with a new snag-free HotForge keylock carabiner on top. And a redesigned lightweight, easy-clipping HotWire carabiner on the bottom. This Black Diamond draw combines smooth clip-ability with wiregate functionality. The 18 mm Polyester Dogbone is not only durable and easy to grab. But it features our Straitjacket insert to keep the bottom carabiner in the optimal clipping position.

Product Infomation




Bolt carabiner

Rope carabiner

Dogbone length

Quickdraw weight

99 g


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