HotForge Bent Gate Carabiner

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Product Highlights

  1. Hot-Forged for lighter-weight construction
  2. Larger rope-bearing surface for added durability
  3. Nose geometry allows for efficient unclipping
  4. Flats on gate reduce the likelihood of gate opening accidentally

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Product Description

HotForge Bent Gate Carabiner

The Black Diamond HotForge Bent Gate Carabiner is a modern take on our classic keylock carabiner. It is designed for the rope end of a quickdraw. Its bent gate is super easy to clip and the carabiner also has a huge rope-bearing surface for ultra-durability. It features a hot-forged construction allowing the removal of weight where it’s not needed. And add material where durability is key. The HotForge has a deeper basket for better clipping. While the hinge-end basket is flatter to ensure the webbing of quickdraws stays put. The larger rope-bearing surface adds durability not only for the carabiner but for your rope as well. The flats on the gate reduce the likelihood of the gate opening accidentally. Finally, we’ve updated and optimized the nose geometry to allow for efficient clipping and unclipping from bolts.

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