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A high-end all-rounder designed to perform on everything from steep sport climbs to challenging boulder problems, to competition finals. The shoe features a dual-composition of rubbers to deliver optimum performance where it matters: 3.5mm of high-friction Real Supreme rubber in the front sticks to steep rock and moulds to microcrystals, and 4.2mm of harder Real Honor rubber in the heel offers all-round performance on micro edges and low-friction rocks. By splitting the sole into two, the Flagship achieves maximum stiffness and rigidity (power) to the toe whilst maintaining sensitivity for the rest of the foot, and smearing in the toe-box. Truly a high-performance all-rounder for challenging climbs, no matter the discipline.

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Unparallel Flagship

The Unparallel Flagship is an all-around climbing shoe. It is designed for precision footwork, and outdoor routes, and is great for toe hooks in competition climbing. The shoe features a toe cap made of durable high-friction rubber and a simple, yet durable, one-strap closure system that provides a secure fit. The outsole is made from RS and RH rubber and split into two pieces. By separating the outsole, we achieved the maximum stiffness/rigidity and power to the toe whilst maintaining sensitivity with the rest of the foot, allowing for micro-adjustments without transferring movement to the toe. It’s the shoe you want to have when ‘sending it on the line.

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