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The UnParallel Flagship LV is a high-performance climbing shoe designed for precision footwork on hard sport routes and micro-nubbin boulders. This low-volume version (better suited to climbers with low-volume feet) separates the outsole, achieving maximum stiffness and power to the toe whilst maintaining sensitivity and feel to the rest of the foot without the extra volume. Aggressively downturned and with a stiff midsole, the UnParallel Flagship LV excels on tiny edges/crystals where sensitivity to the rock yet a stiff platform on which to stand are essential to sending. That being said features like extended toe rubber and a high-friction VC Pro rubber heel mean it won’t be out of place on World Cup-style indoor problems either.

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Unparallel Flagship LV Women’s

The Unparallel Flagship is all-encompassing, from pinpoint precision footwork on high-grade, outdoor sport routes, to low-percentage toe hooks in competition finals. This new women’s version has been designed for women and low-volume climbers, with a 3D moulded toe cap and heel outsole in VC Pro high-friction rubber compounds.

The front outsole is made from die-cut RS rubber. By separating the outsole on the low-volume fit, we’ve achieved maximum stiffness/rigidity and power to the toe while maintaining sensitivity and feel to the rest of the foot without extra volume. This allows for micro-body adjustments without transferring movement to the toe. This is a true women-specific, high-performance, low-volume shoe.

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