Dragon 2 Cam

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Product Highlights

  1. DMM refined its Dragon Cam for a lighter trad climb
  2. TripleGrip cam lobes reinforced with Raw Alu lobes
  3. A stiffer single stem ensures better torsional rigidity
  4. New thumb press with extendable Dynatec sling for reduced rope drag

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Product Description

DMM Dragon 2 Cam

DMM‘s Dragon 2 Cam is fiercer, stronger, and grippier than ever before. Its biggest update for the new model year is without a doubt the teeth. which are redesigned to net more friction on any rock.

DMM studied the slipperiest rocks in order to determine the best grip. The results are the Dragon 2’s sharper teeth, increased surface area, and a raw Alu finish. The teeth’s surface area tapers off right at the sweet spot. Which helps you better identify the best placement in any given crack.

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