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Product Highlights

  1. PCB-Tension™ active rand provides a lightweight power transfer directly to the big toe
  2. TPS provides powerful support underneath the toe box
  3. Vibram® XS Grip2 makes these shoes stick like glue
  4. SRT structural toe wrap in M50 rubber provides support and friction
  5. Asymmetric lacing opens Drago performance to a narrower foot

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Product Description

Scarpa Chimera

The Scarpa Chimera represents the peak of our current abilities in climbing shoe construction and state of the art materials. This fine-tuned model features a handcrafted multi-panel upper. A rubber-wrapped forefoot. An aggressively downturned profile and asymmetrical shape with full-length off-set lace closure.

The Chimera strikes the perfect blend between power and sensitivity: PCB-Tension™ active rand allows the climber the grab with their feet like an extra set of hands-on steep overhangs, while the TPS insert provides edging power and underfoot support when you transition onto more vertical terrain with smaller footholds. The combo of the SRT toe-wrap and strategically placed asymmetric lacing system allow for excellent toe hooking capabilities while also providing a high range of adjustability for a variety of climber’s foot shapes and volumes. The Chimera is a perfect choice for sport climbs and boulders that feature a variety of climbing angles.

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