Camelot Z4

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Product Highlights

  1. Another innovation to Black Diamond’s best-selling Camalots
  2. RigidFlex stem doesn’t bend under tension while being retracted
  3. OmniFlex construction ensures uniform flexes across all sizes
  4. Narrower heads allow for tighter constrictions in smaller placements
  5. Sandblasted lobes increase holding power
  6. Dynex sling is slim, durable, and comes in unique colours

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Product Description

Black Diamond Camelot Z4

The Black Diamond Camelot Z4 is a revolutionary piece of kit, Black Diamond has created a single-stemmed cam that is ridged in the hand but flexes once placed, this is because of the independently floating trigger wires, it doesn’t bend under tension and whilst retracted, but when you’ve placed the cam the stem can move giving you a placement that doesn’t walk when pulled directionally.

On the larger sizes, they have a dual twist cable that gives uniform flex in every direction. The smaller sizes have a single cable which prevents buckling when pulling hard on the trigger. It has a similar head width as Black Diamond’s old Camalot C3 design. But they have 4 lobes that are sandblasted for better holding power. The sizes are also smaller starting from 0 which is Black Diamond’s smallest cam ever made and ranging to 0.75.

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