Booster III 9.7mm Dry Cover

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Product Highlights

Compact, supple and ultra-lightweight, this rope -the pioneer of thinner ropes- fits in everywhere. Equipped with UNICORE technology, it provides high levels of abrasion resistance for experienced climbers.

  • A good compromise between weight, suppleness, feel strength.
  • Low impact force.
  • A high number of falls.
  • Has the advantages of UNICORE technology.
  • Very experienced climbers.

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Product Description

Booster III 9.7mm Dry Cover

The Beal Booster III 9.7mm Dry Cover climbing rope is the pioneer of thin. Dedicated single ropes for experienced climbers who need to be fast and light in the mountains. The Beal Booster III is ultra-light (just 63g/m) and provides excellent strength and easy running. A 7-fall rating ensures peace of mind during heavy use. The Beal Dry Cover sheath coating improves rope-running through carabiners and helps stop water absorption and freezing on alpine climbs and enhances durability for extended use.

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