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Product Highlights

  1. Ultralight climbing harness built for senders
  2. Split Webbing technology ensures solid security at less weight
  3. Laser-cut fabric enhances breathability and ventilation
  4. Single self-locking buckle at waist, elastic leg loops
  5. Tie-in loop reinforced with plastic and wear indicator
  6. Four gear loops and four attachments for ice screws

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Product Description

Alpine Flash

The CAMP Alpine Flash Harness has the same features as Camp USA’s technical ice climbing harnesses, but it is lighter and more compact for longer mountaineering missions. Its load webbing construction uses minimal padding and strong strands of webbing to make the harness light, packable, and hydrophobic.

Auto-locking buckles make the CAMP Alpine Flash fully adjustable at the waist and legs. Five gear loops, instead of the usual four, and four additional ice tool attachments provide massive storage options for the grandest adventures.

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Harness weight

Waist belt

Leg loops


Gear loops

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