8.9 Dry Climbing Rope

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Product Highlights

  1. Dry Performance—With a core and sheath that are dry treated, our dry treated ropes are protected against weather from the inside out
  2. 2X2 Woven Sheath—Utilizing a 2X2 weave construction, our standard sheath is built to withstand everyday use
  3. Durability and Handling Balance—Purpose-built to balance both durability and great handling, our ropes are not too stiff and not too soft, giving you a great feeling rope that knots easily, feeds through your belay device with ease, yet holds up to a barrage of use

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Product Description

Black Diamond 8.9 dry climbing rope

The Black Diamond 8.9 dry climbing rope is a high-performance single rope built for the send. Featuring a durable 2X2 weave construction for increased lifespan. The 8.9 also boasts a dry-treated core and sheath that repels moisture from the inside out. This makes it a versatile rope for all-season use. The 8.9 also comes with a middle marker that’s easily identifiable for rappels and exceptional handling that knots easily and feeds smoothly through a belay device. Certified as a single, twin or half rope, the 8.9 is the ultimate high-end climbing rope.

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